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Julie Post at 6-9-2011 09:30

WELCOME ! Review the RULES before posting

[b]Welcome to the Ryerson IEEE Student Branch Forum![/b]

Before posting, please read the following rules:
[indent]01. No defaming professors on any posts
02. Be courteous. Keep your comments clean.
03. [b]Absolutely[/b] NO posting:
[*]info. regarding where to download academic materials that are not made available by Ryerson University; and
[/list] [list]
[*]links to ANY torrents related to Ryerson courses.
[b]Zero tolerance[/b] for this policy!
04. Any comments about the forum or Website should be sent to [email]ryerson.ieee@gmail.com[/email][/indent]

Failure to comply with the above rules will result in losing all posting privileges and/or deleting your registration to this forum.

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